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The Curling Game… Version 2022

For the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, I am excited to share a new version of the Simulink Curling Simulator! This is now the third Winter Olympics that our curling game is participating in, making it... read more >>

COVID-19: Simulating exponential spread in Simulink 5

Update (10/14/2020): The GitHub repository now contains a MATLAB App to simulate the model and visualize the results. We compiled the app as a MATLAB Web App and host it in the cloud using the MATLAB... read more >>

Curling Game Update: App Designer and Stateflow 3

Someone recently challenged me to convert the curling simulator we published a few years ago (See this post and this post) to take advantage of new features not available at that time: App Designer... read more >>

Executing Stateflow Charts in MATLAB 2

In MATLAB R2019a, it is now possible to create standalone Stateflow charts that can be executed in MATLAB. Let's see how this work!
Getting Started
First, an important concept: A standalone Stateflow...

The Simulink Curling Simulator… Version 2018

For those reading this blog for a few years, you probably remember that during the 2014 Winter Olympics, we published a curling simulator implemented in Simulink.
With the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic...

Simulink Subsystems as Stateflow States

Today I want to highlight a new feature that makes continuous-time modeling in Stateflow clearer and more powerful: Simulink Subsystems as States.
In case you did not know, for many... read more >>

Logging Stateflow Data and States Activity

Today I want to describe a feature that is super useful, but not known enough: Logging states activity and data in Stateflow.
Logging Stateflow Data
If you want to quickly enable or disable logging... read more >>

Stateflow Semantics: Shortcut to Default 2

Today I want to share with you one of the lesser known semantics of Stateflow: the transition that ends on an inner boundary of a state. This is not an inner transition; those start on an... read more >>

Messages: Stateflow’s got mail 3

As our devices get smaller and systems get embedded into everything, there is a greater need to properly model inter-system communication. Let's take a simple example: imagine a smart thermostat that... read more >>

Commenting out… in Stateflow! 1

I am so happy right now! Since R2012b, it has been possible to comment out blocks in Simulink. As soon as this feature was released, it immediately became popular among all the users I... read more >>

Posts 1 - 10 of 18