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What’s New in Simulink in R2024a: Emojis! 9

MATLAB R2024a has been released recently, so I thought I should share my favorite new addition to Simulink: The ability to add emojis everywhere!As you probably know, it has been possible for many... read more >>

Computing π… Simscape Multibody Style 1

On this π day 2024, I decided to tag along with Mike Croucher from The MATLAB Blog and show one way to compute π.While Mike went for advanced maneuvers involving the MATLAB AI Chat Playground,... read more >>

The Curling Game… Version 2022

For the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, I am excited to share a new version of the Simulink Curling Simulator! This is now the third Winter Olympics that our curling game is participating in, making it... read more >>

Halloween special: The Pumpkin Chunkin Simulator! 1

How do you feel about a pumpkin chunkin simulator today? Earlier this week, I noticed the latest post on the MATLAB Community blog: Flying Pumpkins, Dancing Pumpkins. While Ned and Eric's post is... read more >>

Curling Game Update: App Designer and Stateflow 3

Someone recently challenged me to convert the curling simulator we published a few years ago (See this post and this post) to take advantage of new features not available at that time: App Designer... read more >>

Internal Combustion Engine Ignition Control Example – Part 1 1

This post introduces an example project I recently submitted to MATLAB Central: Four-Cylinder Engine Ignition Control Simulation
This project was made in collaboration with Isaac Hisahiro Ito at... read more >>

Arduino Engineering Kit 5

Have you heard of the Arduino Engineering Kit?
If you are interested in DIY projects and are looking for a fun way to apply some control and robotics principles to a real system, you probably want to... read more >>

Simulating the Olympic Ski Jump Competition 2

This week I am happy to welcome guest blogger Zack Peters to describe how he implemented the simulation of a ski jump, similar to the Men's large Hill Individual event of the PyeongChang Winter... read more >>

The Simulink Curling Simulator… Version 2018

For those reading this blog for a few years, you probably remember that during the 2014 Winter Olympics, we published a curling simulator implemented in Simulink.
With the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic...

Programming a Parrot Minidrone using Simulink 19

You know what I did this weekend? Yes, as the title of this post says, I deployed custom flight control software to my Parrot Rolling Spider Minidrone
Simulink Support Package for Parrot...

Posts 1 - 10 of 57