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Linking C MEX S-Function to C++ Code 2

Today, I am happy to welcome guest blogger Navid Rahbariasr. Navid recently received a request from a user trying to include C++ code in a referenced model in accelerator mode. Unfortunately, this... read more >>

Simulink and the Functional Mock-up Interface Standard 8

Today, I want to cover the current state of support of Functional Mock-up Units (FMU) in Simulink.
From the FMI standard website, FMI is:
Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) is a tool...

Communicating with an External Application for Co-Simulation 7

Today I am describing an example that I recently submitted to MATLAB Central and GitHub with the help of my colleague Haihua Feng: Example implementation of Co-simulation using Simulink.
In case you...

System Object Editor Enhancements 2

Today I am happy to welcome guest blogger Jacob Halbrooks to describe enhancements to the MATLAB Editor to help editing System Objects. In R2016a, MATLAB Editor includes new tools to help you... read more >>

Commonly Asked Questions About S-Functions 6

Today, we are welcoming Michael Carone, who provides responses to the most frequent questions we receive about S-Functions. What can you use S-Functions for? S-Functions allow you to create... read more >>

A Free Dialog for your MATLAB System Block 3

Today I am happy to welcome guest blogger Jacob Halbrooks to describe some nice capabilities of the MATLAB System block dialog. The MATLAB System block is new in R2013b and allows you to... read more >>

Simulink and MATLAB objects 4

Recently, I spoke with a user who needed to interface a Simulink model with an external flight simulator implemented as java classes. He was able to exchange data with his simulator at the MATLAB... read more >>

Problems with your S-Functions… Try this Diagnostic! 1

Ahhh... C Mex S-function... If you ever tried creating a C Mex S-function and were a little rusty on your C programming, you might have experienced strange behavior or event MATLAB crashes. This... read more >>

Methods of the MATLAB System Block 1

In the last post on MATLAB System block, I tried to provide a basic introduction to System Objects in MATLAB and Simulink environments. At the end, I finished with a quick example illustrating that... read more >>

A Tweeting S-Function for the Raspberry Pi 10

I recently bought a Raspberry Pi. After trying a few of the demos included with the Simulink support package for Raspberry Pi, I began thinking about what I could do next. Just for fun, I... read more >>

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