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Generating Reports for a Simulink Model including LaTeX Equations

Today I am happy to welcome guest blogger Sarah Dagen, from MathWorks Consulting.Sarah first lists different options available in Simulink to document your design, and concludes with a new capability... read more >>

Subsystem Reference and Test Harness 4

In case you missed it, some time ago I wrote this post introducing the Subsystem Reference. I really like this feature and the way it allows you to simply store the contents of a Subsystem in a... read more >>

Continuous Integration with Simulink Project and Simulink Test 10

A few days ago, my colleague Mariano published a blog post on the Developer Zone describing how to run a MATLAB Test suite on a Continuous Integration server every time changes are pushed to a Git... read more >>

Revisited: How Many Blocks are in that Model? 5

A long time ago, Seth wrote a post showing how to count the number of blocks in a model, including referenced models. At that time, using the functions find_mdlrefs to find all the referenced models... read more >>

Simulation Based Testing with Simulink Test Manager 5

Today, Ajay Puvvala is back to talk about testing.
In last week's post, we looked at how we could apply MATLAB Unit Testing Framework to Simulink context. We authored a scripted test... read more >>

Creating Custom Requirements Link Type

If you’re working in the system engineering space, you are very likely familiar with the Requirement Traceability feature of Simulink Verification and Validation. I have discussed this topic in... read more >>

Creating Test Harnesses with Simulink Test! 4

In R2015a, we introduced a new product called Simulink Test. This product offers many great features like a Test Sequence block, various ways to test results of a model against validated data, and a... read more >>

Managing Conflicts in Simulink Projects 1

Merging Simulink model changes from two users

This week we are welcoming guest blogger Tim Hosey from the Simulink Project development team. Introduction In this blog post I will highlight how Simulink Project can be used to manage... read more >>

What can Simulink Code Inspector do for you? 4

Some time ago I was having a discussion with my colleague Sarah Dagen, from our Consulting Services, and she began explaining Simulink Code Inspector™ to me. I immediately stopped her and said:... read more >>

Running Model Advisor Checks in the Background

If you are a user of the Model Advisor and have a license for the Parallel Computing Toolbox, you probably noticed a new icon in R2014a: Run checks in background... read more >>

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