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Leveraging Generated Code from MATLAB in a C++ Application 3

Today I am happy to welcome guest blogger Erin McGarrity. The main reason why I am excited to welcome Erin as guest blogger is that he will be talking about generating C/C++ code from MATLAB code... read more >>

Unifying MATLAB and Simulink: A User Story Part 2 4

In my previous post, I described how to parameterize a Simulink model using MATLAB objects. To be honest, there is nothing magic or revolutionary to that in itself. The reason why I decided to cover... read more >>

The Curling Game… Version 2022

For the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, I am excited to share a new version of the Simulink Curling Simulator! This is now the third Winter Olympics that our curling game is participating in, making it... read more >>

Generating Reports for a Simulink Model including LaTeX Equations

Today I am happy to welcome guest blogger Sarah Dagen, from MathWorks Consulting.Sarah first lists different options available in Simulink to document your design, and concludes with a new capability... read more >>

Linking C MEX S-Function to C++ Code 2

Today, I am happy to welcome guest blogger Navid Rahbariasr. Navid recently received a request from a user trying to include C++ code in a referenced model in accelerator mode. Unfortunately, this... read more >>

Modeling flexible bodies using the Reduced Order Flexible Solid block 4

Today I am happy to welcome guest blogger David Balbuena. If you are getting started using the Reduced Order Flexible Solid block from Simscape Multibody, I strongly recommend that you go through... read more >>

Introduction to AUTOSAR 2

Today I am happy to welcome Shwetha Bhadravathi Patil to talk about AUTOSAR.
AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) is a worldwide development partnership of vehicle... read more >>

Simulating the World’s longest Ultra High Voltage Transmission Line with Simscape Electrical

This week, I am happy to welcome guest blogger Hao Chen who will describe how Simscape Electrical can be used to simulate the world's longest (3324 km) Ultra High Voltage DC (± 1100 kV) transmission... read more >>

Put some Color in your LEDs: Controlling Your Raspberry Pi from your iPhone with Simulink

This week Mariano Lizarraga Fernandez is back to describe some cool stuff he came up with, using the iPhone and iPad Support from Simulink in combination with the Raspberry Pi Support from... read more >>

Olympic 2016 – Pole Vault 2

For this second post in our Olympics series, I am happy to welcome guest blogger Amit Raj to describe how he simulated the pole vault competition.
Track and field events are one of the... read more >>

Posts 1 - 10 of 45