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Special Vintage: Differential Equation Editor 5

This week I feel like an archaeologist who just dug out a new species of dinosaur! I discovered the Differential Equation Editor... Differential Equation Editor Try typing dee in MATLAB. This... read more >>

From Symbolic to Simulink 3

I am recently visited the MathWorks Japan office and learned about interesting work done by my colleague Hitoshi Takeshita. In his MATLAB Central submission Euler–Lagrange equation, Hitoshi... read more >>

Simulink Debugger: Monitoring Variable Step Solver Performance 2

A few months ago I introduced my favorite command to analyze the performance of a variable-step solver. This week, I will introduce how the Simulink Debugger can be used for a deeper analysis of... read more >>

Why do we need Stiff ODE Solvers? 2

I hope you have noticed the new MATLAB Central blog: Cleve's Corner. Cleve once said "stiffness is an efficiency issue." Let's explore this from a Simulink point of view by revisiting an article by... read more >>

THE Most Useful Command for Debugging Variable Step Solver Performance 2

Today I want to share a trick I often use to determine if a variable step simulation runs as fast as it should. Visualizing the steps taken by a model To begin, save the simulation time data.... read more >>

Continuous sample time inside For Each Subsystem 7

Back in 2010, I wrote a post explaining how to apply a scalar algorithm to a vector using the For Each subsystem. At that time, only discrete algorithms could be vectorized that way. In R2011b, the... read more >>

Parallel Computing with Simulink: Running Thousands of Simulations! 11

Update: In MATLAB R2017a the function PARSIM got introduced. For a better experience simulating models in parallel, we recommend using PARSIM instead of SIM inside parfor. See the more recent... read more >>

Refining the Output of a Simulation 9

Today I am pleased to share a post from regular guest blogger, Guy Rouleau.  Enjoy! I often use Simulink to model the dynamics of simple systems. In most cases, the Simulink default... read more >>

Modeling Mechanical Systems: The Double Pendulum 34

Do you ever have to model mechanical systems?  Mechanical systems consist of bodies, joints, and force elements like springs.  In this post, I will show you how to model a double pendulum with base... read more >>

Challenge: Metronome and Cart Equations of Motion 6

I haven’t seen much activity on the Metronome Synchronization Challenge, so I want to provide a peak at the basis for my solution.  I took the approach of modeling a pendulum, and then linking its... read more >>

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