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Programming a Parrot Minidrone using Simulink 19

You know what I did this weekend? Yes, as the title of this post says, I deployed custom flight control software to my Parrot Rolling Spider Minidrone
Simulink Support Package for Parrot...

Welcome to the Coders! 9

By Guy Rouleau Did you already install MATLAB R2011a? If you are used to generating code from Simulink, the first thing you probably thought after launching MATLAB R2011a is: "Where is... read more >>

How to Verify Code Generated with Model-Based Design 4

An important benefit of Model-Based Design is doing early verification of your model and using what you learn to verify your final production software. As your design moves to production a critical... read more >>

10 Simple Rules for High-Performance Generated Code 3

I was recently asked, "Do you have some kind of list or simple rules to get high performance generated code using Real-Time Workshop?" I put the question to my colleague (and first guest blogger)... read more >>

For Each Subsystem and Code Generation 8

Today Guy Rouleau is back to introduce the code generated from the For Each Subsystem. I created an example model implementing the same functionality as in my previous post, but using... read more >>

A Better If-Else Construct 16

In a previous post, I answered a question about how to model an If-Else behavior.  Here I will restate the algorithm I want to create: if(sel==0) out = 2*in1; elseif (sel==1) out =... read more >>

My Mental Model of a Model 2

When you are new to something, it always helps to get a mental picture of how that something works.  Since I learned Simulink over 10 years ago, I have developed my own mental model of Simulink... read more >>

The If-Else Construct in Models 9

Balaji Kalluri asked a question in the comments of a post about the MUX block.  Balaji asked: Hi All I would be highly obliged, if someone can show me a route to model a typical ... read more >>

Parallel Computing with Simulink: Model Reference Builds 6

Have you seen the MATLAB Channel on YouTube??  I like the way you can express an idea using video, describe how things work, and then watch it work.  That is why I asked my friend Doug to help me... read more >>

Where’s the Code? 7

Today’s post is courtesy of my first guest blogger Tom Erkkinen, my colleague from the MathWorks office in Novi, Michigan! Ever try to compile code generated by Real-Time Workshop on... read more >>