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The Two Amigos 15

I'd like to introduce Brett Shoelson as guest blogger for today. Many of you already know Brett from his work on the File Exchange Pick of the Week blog, or his posts on the... read more >>

Disconnected component labeling: part 2 3

Last week I wrote about a user's request to perform connected-component labeling with an unusual connectivity definition: [1 0 1 0 1]This definition, which is not supported by Image... read more >>

Disconnected component labeling: part 1 10

A blog reader asked me recently for an enhancement related to connectivity. I found the request a bit surprising, and I want to explore it with you in the this post and the next. ... read more >>

Fourier transforms, vertical lines, and horizontal lines 14

A reader asked in a blog comment recently why a vertical line (or edge) shows up in the Fourier transform of an image as a horizontal line. I thought I would try to explain this using the... read more >>

Almost-connected-component labeling 14

In a recent post I demonstrated the use of bwdist (binary image Euclidean distance transform) to perform isotropic dilation. This was inspired by something that Brett asked me about. ... read more >>

Documentation for previous releases now available online 10

Thanks to Steve Lord I just learned that documentation for previous MathWorks releases is now available online. This is something I know many of you have asked about. Just hop over to the... read more >>

Isotropic dilation using the distance transform 10

Brett recently asked me about an image processing problem. One step in the problem involved finding out which pixels are within a certain distance of the foreground in a binary image. We... read more >>

Visualizing regionprops ellipse measurements 19

The Image Processing Toolbox function regionprops gives you measurements of shape-based measurements of image regions. It's pretty useful, and I have shown many examples of it on this... read more >>

Complex surprises from fft 9

One of the discrete-time Fourier transform properties that many people learn is that if a sequence is conjugate symmetric, , then the Fourier transform is real. Therefore it... read more >>

“DIM” terminology 18

I've been bothered recently by a MATLAB terminology question: How should we describe the dim argument in functions such as sum? The documentation for sum says: B = sum(A,dim) sums along... read more >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 46