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Blogs and MathWorks traditions: membranes and cookies

I was interested and amused to see two MATLAB Central blog postings today that both highlighted MathWorks traditions, but in very different ways.

The first one I saw was Cleve's follow-up post on the eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of the L-shaped membrane, the basis of the MathWorks logo.

The last image from Cleve's post is a lovely contour plot of one of the eigenfunctions of the shape, rendered using the new parula colormap I've been discussing this month.


The second was the hilariously over-the-top high-tech Friday afternoon cookie detector created by Tom Lowell and posted on Loren's blog. Tom uses an IP camera on the ceiling and Image Processing Toolbox functions and the new webread function in R2014b and some File Exchange contributions to solve a difficult problem faced by MathWorkers in Natick, Massachusetts at the end of every week.

Cookie detector

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