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NaN Sightings

Some of us at MathWorks like to share our "NaN sightings." Here is an example to show what I mean. This is a screenshot of the tuner/metronome app that I use when practicing music. One day, I was a bit startled when the app suddenly decided that my metronome tempo was -NaN. (Am I playing too fast? No. Am I playing too slow? No. Am I playing at just the right speed? Also no.)

Here's another example spotted by a fellow MathWorker. In a town near my home, you can apparently buy a lawn tractor that has been driven NaN miles.

And a third MathWorker was helping a family member file their taxes and received this surprising summary of the results.

If you spot some amusing NaNs in the wild, let us know by posting a comment below. Include a picture if you like. (You might want to black out any personally identifying information before uploading a picture.)

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