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What is 0.01? 4

I was looking at these two numbers the other day:$0.01$$\frac{5764607523034235}{576460752303423488}$It turns out they are very close, differing only by about 5 parts in a quadrillion.A tech support... read more >>

Making Color Spectrum Plots – Part 2

It was a while ago now, but on April 27 I started explaining how I made this plot, which is from DIPUM3E (Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB, 3rd ed.):... read more >>

Making Color Spectrum Plots – Part 1

The new edition of Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB (DIPUM3E) contains a number of MATLAB functions related to color, color calculations, and color visualization. I wrote about functions for... read more >>

Geometric Transformation of Points – Getting Started 3

I like to think of geometric transformations of images (stretching, shrinking, rotating, etc.) by starting with the geometric transformations of points. You could think of a geometric point... read more >>

How to Display Color Swatches 2

When working on the "Color Image Processing" chapter of DIPUM3E, I found myself often wanting to display square blocks (or swatches) of color, like this: Eventually, I wrote a function,... read more >>

Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB, 3rd edition

The 3rd edition of Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB (DIPUM3E) has just been published, at long last. The new edition includes extensive new coverage of image transforms, spectral color models,... read more >>

Treble clefs, Unicode, SVG, strings, Bézier curves, kron, implicit expansion, and polyshape 6

Today I will show you how I plotted this treble clef symbol in MATLAB: My discovery and implementation process for doing this involved Unicode characters, SVG files, string processing, Bezier curves,... read more >>

How to Write Animated PNG (APNG) Files from MATLAB 3

Today, I'm writing about how to create animated PNG (APNG) files, such as this one: I first wrote about APNG files last February. An APNG file is a valid PNG image file that uses file metadata in a... read more >>

How to Go a Little Crazy with Graphics Titles 1

The title function is the third most commonly-used function in my 13 years of writing this blog, after imshow and imread. You have probably all used this function many times.... read more >>

How to Overlay a Color on an Image Using a Mask

In my first year of writing this blog (2006!), I showed how to overlay a color onto an image based on a mask. This was the example I gave back then: I wrote a function called imoverlay to handle all... read more >>

Posts 41 - 50 of 596

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