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Simulating Trajectory Tracking Controllers for Driverless Cars 1

Hi, everyone! In this blog, we will see how trajectory tracking controllers can be implemented in MATLAB and Simulink to make the vehicle follow a pre-defined path. Before we get started, a big… read more >>

Where Are They Now? – Joe Martin, ZF Friedrichshafen AG

Today we’re talking to Joe Martin from ZF Friedrichshafen AG. As a student at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor between 2010 – 2015, Joe participated in Formula SAE and Formula Student… read more >>

How to Efficiently Customize Vehicle Dynamics Models for Formula Student Competitions

For today’s blog, we are happy to host Huang Huateng, the technical leader of the electric fleet of South China Agricultural University. His team won the first prize in the MATLAB/Simulink… read more >>

American Solar Challenge: an uphill battle across the Midwest

In today’s post, Sam Reinsel joins us to talk about the American Solar Challenge. Over to you, Sam..

With electric vehicles coming to the forefront of the industry, innovations and new… read more >>

AVL Racing Models Shock Absorbers for Race Cars

Today’s guest bloggers are Marco Scheiber and Eduardo Gimenez from AVL Racing. They are here to talk about the modeling of shock absorbers for race cars.

Recently, a…

Virtual suspension design processes with McGill Formula Electric

For today’s blog post, Sam Reinsel is happy to host for the 2nd time the Mcgill Formula electric team at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Kattly, Andrew, Garrett, Cyril, and Nicolas are… read more >>

Predicting Dynamic Behavior of a Continuously Variable Transmission using MATLAB 1

Todays guest bloggers are Alex Silva da Purificação and Lucas Martins Ricardi from the University o f Brasília – Piratas do Cerrado Baja SAE Team. They will explain how they have utilized MATLAB… read more >>

Using Physical Modeling to Design and Simulate an Electric Vehicle

Today’s blog post is written by Veer Alakshendra, Education Technical Evangelist on the Student Competition team at MathWorks. In this blog he talks about how to model and simulate an electric… read more >>

Where Are They Now? – Abhilash Arora, Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited

Today we are talking to Abhilash Arora from Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited. As a student at Manipal University, between 2016-2017, Abhilash participated in Formula Student Germany and Formula… read more >>

Where Are They Now? – Jessica Britt, Argonne National Laboratory

Today we are talking to Jessica Britt from Argonne National Labs. As a student at the Georgia Institute of Technology between 2014 and 2018, Jessica participated in EcoCAR 3.

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