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Puzzler: Overlapping rectangles

Today’s challenge is one where you need to figure out if two rectangles have a non-zero area of overlap.

The rectangles will be specified as follows:


Just fill in your part of the code until you get the binary variable overlap defined.

ax = sort(rand(1,2));
ay = sort(rand(1,2));
bx = sort(rand(1,2));
by = sort(rand(1,2));

rectangle('position',[ax(1) ay(1) diff(ax) diff(ay)], 'edgecolor', 'r')
hold on
rectangle('position',[bx(1) by(1) diff(bx) diff(by)], 'edgecolor', 'k')
axis equal

%your code here

overlap = %1 for overlap, 0 for non-overlapping

When you post your code in the comments, please use the tags

<pre> <code>

all the code so someone can just copy and paste it from the comments.

</code> </pre>

My solution is already posted.

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