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Final MATLAB programming contest 2

I have been involved with the MATLAB programming contest in a meaningful way since about 2005, seven years later we are doing the final one, Knots. I hope you have enjoyed playing these as… read more >>

Project Euler on Cody 1

I am a big fan of Project Euler. There are a series of math and programming problems there that people often use in honing their programming skills. Traditionally, there is one correct integer… read more >>

Contest is on! Vines

Hey Contest fans, the new MATLAB contest is on. I am expecting this to be a great contest, several of us worked specifically on coming up with a good test suite for you to solve. By “good… read more >>

Students: Make money off Simulink projects

Last week I spoke about my student journey to MATLAB. This week, Seth’s blog is offering up a contest to students who use Simulink. You should check it… read more >>

Spring Contest is started

Just a quick note to let you know that the Spring MATLAB programming contest has… read more >>

Graphics challenge 10

When I teach the MATLAB graphics class for new technical support engineers at MathWorks, I have one major exercise for them to do. This is that exercise. if (typeof(playerLoaded) === ‘undefined’)… read more >>

MATLAB contest: sneak peak

There are two big events coming up that I want to share with you: MathWorks Virtual Career Fair on Thursday November 11th. This is an opportunity to talk directly with Engineers and Hiring… read more >>

Puzzler: Running it twice 12

As with many math geeks, I am fascinated with games of “probability theory and applied psychology” (also known as Poker!). At a recent game this debate came out: “Does running it… read more >>

MATLAB programming contest is started 3

Today at noon we launched the latest MATLAB programming contest. Go give it a… read more >>

Puzzler: Benford’s law 23

I had a question come in recently from Denmark about wanting to implement Benford’s law. I first heard about this law on the Radiolab episode about Numbers. Radiolab is one of my favorite… read more >>

Posts 1 - 10 of 42