Loren on the Art of MATLAB

Why is Answer to 3 < A < 7 Unexpected? 9

Posted by Loren Shure,

There have been countless (not really!) times on the MATLAB newsgroup where a question of the sort written in the title has been asked (and answered). Let's go through the code to understand what's happening. ... read more >>

MATLAB Virtual Conference – 28 March 2012

Posted by Loren Shure,

I am pleased to announce that we have another MATLAB Virtual Conference planned and taking place towards the end of March 2012. I would like to formally invite you to join us on March 28, 2012. ... read more >>

Using GPUs in MATLAB 14

Posted by Loren Shure,

Today I’d like to introduce guest blogger Sarah Wait Zaranek who works for the MATLAB Marketing team. Sarah previously has written about speeding up code from a customer to get acceptable performance. She will be discussing how to use GPUs to accelerate ... read more >>

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