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Advanced MATLAB: Handles and other inputs to GUIDE callbacks 17

Posted by Doug Hull,

There are three inputs to every automatically generated callback from GUIDE:

function edit1_Callback(hObject, eventdata, handles)

A common question that I am asked is “What is the handles structure?” This four minute video will show a simple GUI where you edit some text, and press a button that will copy that text into a third uicontrol. This is all done using the handles structure. The other two inputs: hObject and eventdata will be briefly discussed also.

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Nice video as usual. You need a nickname of some sorts . . . I was thinking “The MATLAB Evangelist” might a good one.

But seriously, good videos. I want to start linking them from blinkdagger because I think the tutorials supplement each other very well.

Can you explain about guidata(hObject,handles)? I thought this was necessary after any change to handles.


There’s actually 6 of us at The MathWorks with an internal title of “LTC Evangelist” (LTC = Language of Technical Computing = MATLAB). I am one of them, and Doug used to be in this group as well.

Hello, Can we output data entered by user in dialogbox to command window?
thanks in advance.


You would simply modify the callback to use the DISP command to display any data you want.


I have a GUI that I put a timer in so that it will check if any serial data has come in every second. I am having trouble getting the Timer to pass the handles structure to my function that is plopped into the M-file that guide made. On compile it says that the “handles” is undefined. I tried to pass the hadles from the Timer funtion by saying {@myfunction, handles} to pass the handles to the myfunction but I get another compile problem. any help would be great.

I would like to know how to pass data between different guis.
Thank you in advance

Hey my friend. How can I add a “Edit text” and make it visible only when the user press a “Push Button”? Tnx and God bless you !!

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