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Origins of Colormaps 2

Steve Eddins has recently posted a series in his blog about colormaps. I want to add one more post. With release R2014b, we are retiring jet as the default colormap, after many years of faithful service. But did you ever wonder where jet originated, and how it came to be the default? And did you ever come across colormaps like pink and bone?... read more >>

The Three n Plus One Conjecture 2

If $n$ is odd, replace $n$ by $3n+1$, if not, replace $n$ by $n/2$. Repeat. A famous conjecture made by Lothar Collatz is that no matter what value of $n$ is chosen to start, the process eventually terminates at $n=1$. Do not expect a proof, or a counterexample, in this blog. ... read more >>