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Cody Hits Two Milestones

We’ve had a few exciting weeks here on MATLAB Central! A month ago we introduced a new blog, Cleve’s Corner, which is written by Cleve Moler, our Chief Mathematician and co-founder. Cleve has already written four blog posts so be sure to check them out. Then two weeks ago we released a long list of new features in MATLAB Answers. You can read more about the release in Randy’s post. Last week, Ned shared an interview with the reigning Cody Champion @bmtran.

100,000 Solutions

To continue the excitement, last week we hit an impressive milestone on Cody… on July 10 at 16:16 UTC the 100,000th Solution was submitted! The Solution was submitted correctly by community member, benoit, who has a MATLAB Central hat coming his way!

In case you’re wondering why the solution is number 109314, it’s because we included only correct and incorrect solutions in our milestone count. We did not include solutions that timed out or were submitted when the server was down.


5000 Community Players

The second milestone we hit is that we now have 5000 community members playing Cody.

The 5000th community member to join Cody was Kyle and will also receive a cool MATLAB Central hat.

Leave me a comment below if you’ve successfully encouraged someone else to join the Cody fun.


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