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Brush up on your data 7

We’ve already received great feedback on Data Brushing, a new MATLAB R2008a feature that is closely related to Data Linking.
Data Brushing allows you to graphically edit the data in a plot,… read more >>

Variable Editor 17

When the Array Editor was introduced back in MATLAB 5.0, it provided static snapshots of MATLAB double arrays.  It has evolved a lot since then, to provide dynamic editors for…

One- and…

A Link to the Data 22

In Release 2008a, we added the ability to link plots to source data. With this feature, you tie a plot to a particular value in the workspace. When that value changes, the plot is automatically… read more >>

Focused on Zooming 26

I'd like to welcome guest blogger Dan Sternberg from the Plotting and Exploration team. Dan will occasionally be blogging here on the Inside the MATLAB Desktop blog. Zooming in figures has... read more >>

Adding annotations to graphs 13

Once you’ve analyzed and plotted your data or results, the next step is often to add the plot to a report or a paper as a document. In many cases you will need to add explanation and annotations to… read more >>

Drag and Drop Data Import 3

I’ll occasionally contribute to this blog to focus on the data-related tools in the MATLAB Desktop. We provide a lot of tools to help you import, organize, visualize, and explore your data in… read more >>

Posts 11 - 19 of 19