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Private Cody Leaderboards 5

Posted by Ned Gulley,

Anna works in the Interdimensional Transport Group at Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems. Her team of ten engineers is using a lot of MATLAB these days, and she thinks it would be good for them to brush up their skills. But how?… read more >>

Most Popular Files in 2018

Posted by John Kelly,

Here are the most popular File Exchange submissions from the Community, MathWorks Staff, and MathWorks Teams in 2018 by downloads  ….. ….. ….. ….. ….. ….. ….. … read more >>

Upload Photos from Your Image Gallery to MATLAB Drive 2

Posted by Pradeep Ramamoorthy,

Smartphone cameras continue to disrupt digital photography. If you are a casual photographer, over the years you have probably found yourself increasingly relying on the camera that is most readily available to you: the one on your phone…. read more >>

Community Q&A – Madhan Ravi 1

Posted by John Kelly,

If you have been to MATLAB Answers recently you have noticed the name Madhan Ravi climbing up the Leaderboard. Here is a Q&A with Madhan Ravi…. read more >>

Why You Should Date Someone Who Knows MATLAB 1

Posted by Ned Gulley,

Happy Valentines Day! I have been working with the MATLAB community since we launched MATLAB Central wa-aaay back at the beginning of this century. On more than one occasion we have been asked to consider some sort of matchmaking service on the site. While we never acted on this interesting… read more >>

Football Squares Updated for Superbowl LIII 2

Posted by Ned Gulley,

I wrote about Football Squares a long time ago. In light of the upcoming Superbowl, a few people have asked me to brush up my code. As a bonus, it’s been so long since the last time I did this that I can show off some new MATLAB functionality. Here… read more >>

Women in Tech at MathWorks

Posted by Ned Gulley,

This post was assembled by Anoush Najarian. Anoush works at MathWorks as a performance engineer. Her job is to make MATLAB go fast. Among her many other interests (robotics, maker culture, Internet of Things, educational software, just to name a few) she likes to tell the stories of the many fascinating and… read more >>

GHC 18, Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing

Posted by Ned Gulley,

In this post, MathWorks GHC 18 team member Penny Anderson shares some thoughts about her experience at GHC in Houston. Penny first attended GHC in 2016 when she gave a talk announcing new Big Data features in MATLAB with Mary Ann Freeman. Sara Nadeau, a technical writer and diversity advocate… read more >>

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