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Top 10 “Behind the Headlines” stories of 2017

Science and technology played a major role in many of 2017’s biggest stories. The Behind the Headlines blog covered many of these by explaining how MATLAB and Simulink were behind the scenes, helping… read more >>

Using image analysis and signal processing technology to fight high-tech counterfeiters

Sir Isaac Newton would be proud of the new £1 coin. After joining The Royal Mint in 1696, Newton took on counterfeiters with a combination of science and art. He introduced features, such as grooved… read more >>

NASA’s computational tool calculates the effect glacial ice melt will have on your city 1

When temperatures warm, ice sheets melt. When ice sheets melt, the sea level rises. Sounds simple enough. But, in reality, determining the effects of ice sheet melt on rising sea levels is far from… read more >>

This smart jacket could save millions of children’s lives

November 12th is World Pneumonia Day. The annual event is dedicated to raising the awareness about pneumonia, the leading killer of children under the age of five.
According to the World Health…

What does Guinness beer and gerrymandering have in common?

What possibly could one the world’s oldest beers and gerrymandering, the practice of manipulating district boundaries in order to obtain a political advantage, have in common?
More…

Bionic Eyes: Helping more than 200 people regain sight

A CBS News report, After 20 years of darkness, bionic eye helps blind man see, described how technology helped a man who had been blind regain his vision. The “bionic eye” discussed in the article is… read more >>

Neuroscience shows blind people can “see” a physical space by listening

When individuals lose one of their senses, their other senses often compensate. LiveScience reported on a study that showed brain scans of people who were born blind or lost their sight before the… read more >>

Echolocation: helping the blind see with sound 1

Echolocation uses sound waves and echoes to determine where objects are located in space. It’s an ability shared by a few, select mammals such as bats, dolphins, and some whales. Did you know that… read more >>

Apple renews interest in biometrics: Here’s an algorithm for facial recognition and more

Apple reinvigorated the discussion regarding biometrics with its debut of Face ID, the authentication system that creates a 3D facial map by projecting 30,000 invisible, infrared (IR) dots onto your… read more >>

A unique robot takes home big prize in the Amazon Robotics Challenge

Amazon is changing retail as we know it, and this change is built on efficiency. With more than 50 million items now eligible for free 2-day shipping through their Prime program, the pressure is on…. read more >>

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