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Posted by Hans Scharler,

We are about to release ThingSpeak, a web service to enable the Open Internet of Things. ThingSpeak is under testing and the progress is going very well. The first group of beta testers are building interesting applications right out of the gate.

To help us cover the the emerging Internet of Things, SkyNet, and singularity, we have invited jay@thecapacity, to contribute to our blog. We look forward to his guest posts and his perspective as things move so fast.

Contact us if you are interested in testing the new service.

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Michele replied on : 1 of 1
Hi, i am a new Italian user of ThingSpeak. Congratz for the site, really nice & useful! In the mail menu "HOME CANALI APPICAZIONI CARATTERISTICHE" there is an error of translation: APPICAZIONI is wrong, it should be "APPLICAZIONI" hope this help a bit :-) Michele