Hans on IoT

ThingSpeak, MATLAB, and the Internet of Things

Things are Heating Up

No, it’s not summer in North America yet but many people are counting down the days till the weather turns warm, especially with the east coast having just endured a snowy drubbing from Mother Nature!

I’ve been following the concept of an “Internet of Things” for a few years now and it’s definitely something else that’s heating up! Whether as citizens as sensors or being able to ‘Google your keys‘ bridging the technology most of us take for granted now, the Internet, into the physical realm holds tremendous promise.

However, we know there’s more to it then running an Ethernet cable to your car, or plugging in your teddy bear. The networks we take for granted now, despite their vast capabilities, weren’t designed for this new wave of connectivity. This is especially apparent with the coming exhaustion of IPv4 (an estimated 5 days remaining at the time of this writing)!

Considering all the new protocols, tools, and interfaces that need to be created, I find it fascinating to watch how people are integrating technology into their every-day lives, and it’s surprising how many cool ways these are put to use. As we increasingly rely on connected devices, or come up with new ways to integrate existing systems, will we truly have control or do we risk being locked into the betamax of our generation?

Guys like Bruce Sterling are famous for tracking the future and guys like Linux Torvalds are famous for creating it, or at least the tools people use to build it. What do you see on the horizon, and what will you invent to make it so?

We’re excited to have you here at ThingSpeak to help us make this reality our own.

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