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Introducing ThingSpeak Gauges! 2

Posted by Hans Scharler,

The ThingSpeak IoT has been building a new framework to support widgets on channel views. Widgets can be added to the public or private view of a ThingSpeak channel and even be embedded in 3rd-party systems and dashboards. The first widget that we are releasing is the gauge!

At the recent Boston TechJam, MathWorks had a ThingSpeak People Counter that used face detection to count people that came over to our booth and learned about our demo. The people counter uses MATLAB to identify faces in a live video stream from a webcam, count the number of faces, and send the results to ThingSpeak. The code and instructions for the ThingSpeak People Counter project are on File Exchange.

I used the new ThingSpeak gauge widget to show the visitors the lastest people count. The gauges are easy to set up, you don’t have to edit JavaScript code, just point-and-click and configure options. You can add custom colored ranges, units, and display options. If you want to learn more about ThingSpeak channel display widgets and gauges, visit the MathWorks Documentation for ThingSpeak.

Now that we have the infrastructure for widgets on ThingSpeak, we can more widget types. What other widgets would you like to see on ThingSpeak?


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Phil Buhler replied on : 2 of 2
Thanks for the new guages, im having fun with them. Re future ones, i monitor water tanks and diesel tanks so a Tank (ie fat vertical bar graph) would be great. Adding colours to the tank somehow like the guages would be handy as visual warning for low or high water would be superb. Another need i have is to have compact dashboard ie a lot of info in a small space (for low res tv screens) so plain old bar graphs i think are best for this i think. Colours for warnings would be good also. Well, that's my ten cents worth. thanks for listening :) Kind regards, Phil.