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ThingSpeak, MATLAB, and the Internet of Things

Explore ThingSpeak IoT Data Using a MATLAB App

ThingSpeak users frequently ask how to build customized views for their ThingSpeak data. The channel view provides automatically generated field plots that are customizable with the ThingSpeak Charts API or a MATLAB visualization. You might want to run prepackaged analysis repeatedly or based on a variable you can set. You might want to view data from multiple channels, or view channels depending on a condition. For example, you could show the channels for all devices that have a measurement higher than a given threshold.

Christopher Stapels, the ThingSpeak Product Manager, built an IoT data explorer app for MATLAB. The app is available for download on File Exchange or GitHub to help you explore your ThingSpeak data.

The ThingSpeak and MATLAB integration makes MATLAB the best environment for building a tool to analyze your ThingSpeak data. The IoT Data Explorer App is straightforward to use, to answer some questions about your data, and to customize for your own purposes. Chrisopher also created a video to help you get started with the IoT Data Explorer App for MATLAB.

If you have some ideas for improvements to the app, leave your comments here. We are already thinking of new features such as using the user API key to prepopulate the channel ID boxes automatically.

Download the IoT Data Explorer App for MATLAB from File Exchange or GitHub.

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