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Web of Things Hackathon 1

The Web of Things Workshop is Sunday, June 12, 2011 in San Francisco and features the latest research relating to the emerging Internet of Things tied to web services, sensors, objects, and everyday… 続きを読む >>

TweetControl: Control Anything with Twitter

We are ready to release a new app for the ThingSpeak Platform! The new app is called TweetControl – this app listens to Twitter for hashtags (#awesome)  and allows you to control anything that… 続きを読む >>

Contest Update 17

Thanks for all of the submissions to the Internet of Things Contest (aka The Easiest Contest Ever). We received just over 20 projects and we will honor all of them with a gift certificate. I told you… 続きを読む >>

Hidden API Commands

When you are retrieving data from a ThingSpeak channel you have many options and formats to choose from. We wanted to highlight a few options that are easily overlooked.
Let’s say you… 続きを読む >>

Internet of Things Contest (aka The Easiest Contest Ever) 20

To celebrate our 300th ThingSpeak channel, we are announcing, “The Easiest Contest Ever”.
All you have to do is build a project using a ThingSpeak web service, take a photo (if it… 続きを読む >>

Dynamic JavaScript Charts (new feature)

If you look at our homepage, you will see a chart dynamically updating itself with the latest data from a light sensor. We did this by using a combination of our feed API and the Highcharts package…. 続きを読む >>

Data Log Importer (new feature)

Do you have a device that stores data on a USB drive? These devices are a common way to track sensors with a higher resolution or when you do not have an Internet connection for that device. The… 続きを読む >>

ThingSpeak API Source Code on GitHub 1

The ThingSpeak API is now on GitHub! You can setup the application on your local network or on a web server in the cloud and run the full ThingSpeak API dedicated for your application. With everyone…ThingSpeak source code is now on GitHub

Clearing Channels (feature request) 4

ThingSpeak forum user “nr” requested a feature to clear a channel (without having to delete the channel and then build a new one). We recently added the feature under the Channel… 続きを読む >>

Device Registration and MAC Addresses 2

We just added a new feature called Devices. This allows you to register your home-brew devices and receive a globally unique MAC address. Some devices do not come with a MAC address so often the MAC… 続きを読む >>

Posts 81 - 90 of 95