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Contest Update 17

Posted by Hans Scharler,

Thanks for all of the submissions to the Internet of Things Contest (aka The Easiest Contest Ever). We received just over 20 projects and we will honor all of them with a gift certificate. I told you it was easy. If you happen to be working on a project now, send it in. You never know…

This week we will be dispatching the SparkFun gift certificates and also blogging about the projects. There were some really cool ones and tons of code for the community to start using right away. There’s even commercial interest in using the platform for an upcoming product. Yeah!

The contest was definitely a success. We needed to get some creative developers to check out all of the features. We also received a bunch of feedback for new features. One feature stood out from the rest, “We want an index of the public channels!!! Now!”. Okay…

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make.larsi.org replied on : 1 of 17
I just received my gift certificate - thank you so much. This was fun and I learnt a lot.
bill welch replied on : 2 of 17
Thank you very much for the gift certificate. I am surprised, since my entry was just a minor tweak to Chris's original idea -- I went thru the steps mainly to get hands-on experience with your project. I plan to do a more useful and perhaps original project in the near future, time-permitting. Thanks again!
Chiva replied on : 3 of 17
I received the gift certificate correctly, thanks a lot!! I have been following the development of ThingSpeak since it started and it seems to have a brilliant future, keep up the good work!!
Eric Hall replied on : 4 of 17
A very generous contest! I received my certificate and now need to figure out what's on the top of my SparkFun wishlist. Thanks!
Rob Myers replied on : 5 of 17
Thank you so much for the gift certificate! I've had some good feedback for my entry, and learnt some useful new skills as well so this feels like at least a triple win...
Jason Fox replied on : 6 of 17
Received mine as well! Thank you so much! Netduino Mini and a few odds and ends on the way! Nice!
ibtek replied on : 7 of 17
Thank you for the great gift certificate, it will definitely be used for my next ThingSpeak related project! All the best, Marc
Omar replied on : 8 of 17
I just got the code, thanks a bunch! Next project will be ThingSpeak related, I already have a few ideas. I hope to see more projects involving thingspeak at the netduino forums, I'll try and get that rolling with a few projects. P.S. You guys should give yourselves a gift certificate, you've done a great job :)
Paul asselin replied on : 11 of 17
Received mine, thank you so much for this generous contest. Will hopefully build more projects with Thingspeak. Sincerely Paul
willnue replied on : 12 of 17
Received mine as well. I just added a few new channels and see the count is now up to well over 500! I think the contest was a success. Thanks for building such a great service, willnue
thingspeak replied on : 13 of 17
Thanks for noticing. We basically doubled in size in 7 days! Glad you had a great experience so far. We will all keep pushing.
Harrison replied on : 14 of 17
I received my gift certificate today as well. Thanks again for running this great contest and service.
Brett Jones replied on : 16 of 17
I got the gift certificate, thank you so much! I promise to *try* to use it for good and not evil. Do you think I can put "major award" winner on my resume? It sounds better than "Easiest Contest In The World Winner". :D