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Clearing Channels (feature request) 4

Posted by Hans Scharler,

ThingSpeak forum user “nr” requested a feature to clear a channel (without having to delete the channel and then build a new one). We recently added the feature under the Channel settings. Often while testing your code you are sending random data to your channel. This feature allows you to reset the channel after you had a chance to perfect your code.

Thanks for the feature request, “nr”. Take this as an open invitation to everyone else…If you have questions, comments, or feature requests, feel free to send them in!

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likith replied on : 1 of 4
it would be great to have thingSpeakClear command like the thingSpeakRead & thingSpeakWrite feature available in thingspeak toolbox
Hans Scharler replied on : 2 of 4
Thanks for the suggestion. I will bring it up with our team. If you had this, how would you use it? In what context?
likith replied on : 3 of 4
I am accessing thingspeak from matlab desktop. I want to clear all the previous data already present in the channel as it would be affect the matlab visualization of the new data uploaded into the channel. it would be nice if i had the clear command, rather than me manually visiting the channel and clearing it.