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A Twitter Powered Gumball Machine Built on ThingSpeak + Arduino

Posted by Hans Scharler,

Kevin, from the brilliant minds at Philter Communications, created a gumball machine known as the Tweet-a-Tweat. This clever device encourages social media interaction. People who visit your office need to send a Tweet to @tweetatweat to get a tasty gumball. The idea is to stimulate your brand by offering a real-world interaction. The… read more >>

Interfacing with Cloud Services using Flyport + ThingSpeak

Posted by Hans Scharler,

The team behind openPICUS has created an Application Note to help you jump-start your “Internet of Things” project by adding wireless technology with the Flyport and cloud services with ThingSpeak. Both of these projects are open source, changeable, and ready for all kinds of applications. This combination allows you build “new” things that tap… read more >>

TweetControl App Documentation Updated

Posted by Hans Scharler,

We have update the documentation for the TweetControl app:
TweetControl allows you to monitor Twitter for trigger words to send ThingHTTP requests. The CheerLights project by ioBridge Labs uses TweetControl to update its ThingSpeak Channel so other lights around the world stay in sync with each other.

Why use TweetControl? Our app connects to…