Hans on IoT

ThingSpeak, MATLAB, and the Internet of Things

Can Things Tell a Story?

If you look around your house or office, you will see a bunch of things. Things are just sitting there. Things like your coffee maker, toaster, florescent lights, copy machine, alarm clock…

Have you ever noticed that you keep a schedule on Google Calendar, but every night you set your alarm clock? What if the alarm clock was connected to Google Calendar, would that thing be more useful? You always seem to be replace the toner in the copy machine, right in the middle of when you trying to copy your presentation. Thanks for the warning thing! Is someone in your room when I am not there? Maybe your lights could tell you.

We built ThingSpeak from the ground up to give things a voice. If we listen maybe they will tell a meaningful story. ThingSpeak can connect things, log data, track things, and make things social.

Applications are being built by developers from around the world and interesting and unexpected things are about to happen.

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