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Opportunity to Hunt for MathWorks Swag

Have you ever gotten involved in geocaching? Have you ever wanted a MathWorks laser pointer / flashlight? You have a chance of combining both of these interests if you happen to be near the Los Angeles (used to incorrectly say Bay) area in California.

Sam Mirsky has posted the challenge to the MATLAB newsgroup.

Here's a couple of pictures of the swag from my phone camera.

I1 = imread('laser1.jpg');
I2 = imread('laser2.jpg');
  Name        Size                  Bytes  Class    Attributes

  I1        960x1280x3            3686400  uint8              
  I2        960x1280x3            3686400  uint8              
  J1        240x320x3              230400  uint8              
  J2        240x320x3              230400  uint8              

Let me downsample the pictures to display in the blog using imresize from Image Processing Toolbox. You can a learn more about image processing on Steve's blog.

J1 = imresize(I1,.25);
J2 = imresize(I2,.25);

Don't forget the hint: Underground, but not buried, in a round hole. If you find it, in addition to returning the code to Sam, can you please post here? Have fun!

Published with MATLAB® 7.7

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