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Learning to Love Regular Expressions 8

Today I’d like to introduce guest blogger Sarah Wait Zaranek who works for the MATLAB Marketing team here at MathWorks. Sarah previously has written about using GPUs in MATLAB. Sarah will be discussing how she got started using regular expressions.... 更多内容 >>

How Many Digits to Write? 23

Recently, my colleague Rob Comer and I were talking about how to write out a number, in decimal, so that if it were read back into MATLAB, would retain its full precision.... 更多内容 >>

A Way to Automate “Regular” Renaming 17

Recently someone at MathWorks asked me how he could automate the renaming of a bunch of M-files containing underscores ('_') in the names with derived names that removed the underscores and used... 更多内容 >>

Iterating over Non-Numeric Values 25

Recently a colleague was hoping to write some code to iterate over fields in a structure. There are at least three different ways I can think of, some more straight-forward... 更多内容 >>

Finding Strings 24

Over the years, MATLAB has become a friendlier environment for working with character information. MATLAB has a rich set of text handling functions, ranging from the simple,... 更多内容 >>

Command and Function Syntaxes in MATLAB 17

There is a fairly constant stream of questions in many MATLAB venues, including the MATLAB newsgroup that boil down to not understanding the difference between command and function... 更多内容 >>

MATLAB, Strings, and Regular Expressions 40

I'm pleased to introduce Jason Breslau, our guest blogger this week, who gives us his take on MATLAB, strings, and regular expressions. When you think about text processing, you... 更多内容 >>

Posts 11 - 18 of 18