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Memory Management for Functions and Variables 68

People have different ideas about what costs a lot, in terms of memory, in MATLAB. And sometimes people don't know the details. Today I am going to talk about when MATLAB... read more >>

Working with structs 5

pre.codeinput { background: #F9F7F3; padding: 10px; border: 1px solid rgb(200,200,200); } @media print { pre.codeinput {word-wrap:break-word; width:100%;} } span.keyword... read more >>

What’s the Big deal? 15

So, what is the big deal? To start with, this week marks my 19th anniversary at MathWorks. Never would I have guessed back then what I am up to now, including talking about MATLAB with so many... read more >>

More on eval 2

I recently wrote an article on Evading eval. A couple of users asked me how to avoid using eval in the case post under Code Clarity / Readability. The answer is you can't, unless you rethink the... read more >>

Use Dynamic Field References 28

Use dynamic field references, the notation .(), where possible, instead of setfield, getfield, and eval.
In MATLAB 6.5 (Release 13), we introduced dynamic field references into MATLAB. What... read more >>

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