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Posted by Doug Hull,

In my new role at the MathWorks I am the third tier of technical support for MATLAB related questions. From here I get to see a lot of questions that people ask on a day to day basis. One that came in the other day was how to get scalable vector graphics from MATLAB. I could not find the capability in MATLAB. My next step, of course, was the File Exchange. As expected, I found a high quality implementation of this in minutes. It was written by Juerg. It worked well for the few cases that I ran as test. If you are inclined to need this file format from MATLAB, I highly recommend this SVG exporting file.

Unfortunately, not all browsers support SVG, so this screen shot is *NOT* an example of the SVG output…



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wald replied on : 2 of 5

I can’t see why Matlab still does not do SVG export by itself. EPS and PDF export is supported and very handy, but do not allow the flexible editing afterwards like SVG does, or at least not without expensive tools like Acrobat.
The Matlab + SVG + Inkscape combination is hard to beat, IMHO. If one person can provide basic SVG exporting, then surely The Mathworks should be able to provide full SVG support?