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Zoomable Text 2

Jiro's pick this week is TextZoomable by Ken Purchase.Today's entry was inspired by my colleague, Sean, who also guest posts for this blog from time to time. He and I are application engineers,... 続きを読む >>

Export to PowerPoint® 3

Jiro's pick this week is exportToPPTX by Stefan Slonevskiy.Did you know that you could automatically generate reports from your MATLAB program? You can publish a report in various formats -- HTML,... 続きを読む >>

Easy visualization of volumetric data

Brett's Pick this week is "vol3d v2", by Oliver Woodford.Today's Pick is brought to you by Oliver Woodford, one of the most popular contributors to the File Exchange, and author of export_fig, the... 続きを読む >>

Regexp Builder 1

Idin's pick for this week is the regexpBuilder by Michael Ryan.Regular expressions can be a powerful tool in searching through strings or documents. If you haven't used them before, think of them... 続きを読む >>

Web browser viewable animations 2

Jiro's pick this week is Web-browser viewable animations by Kevin Bartlett.I love thinking about creative ways of presenting results. As the number of dimensions increases, I find myself using... 続きを読む >>

Easy labeling of a figure or axes

Brett's Pick this week is "Bordertext", by Jan de Wilde.With "bordertext," Jan has shared an elegant way to label a figure or an axes, saving us the trouble of having to calculate positions for our... 続きを読む >>


Sean's pick this week is inpolyhedron by Sven. Polygons, Polyhedra and Convexity It's often useful to know if a point is inside of a polygon (two dimensions)... 続きを読む >>

Colormaps for perceptually challenged individuals 3

Brett's Pick this week is "Colormaps compatible with red-green color perception deficiencies", by Matthias Geissbuehler.If you can see a two-digit number in this image, count yourself fortunate: Most... 続きを読む >>

Schemaball 2

Sean's pick this week is Schemaball by Oleg Komarov. I was reading Cleve's post a few months ago about the Lake Arrowhead Coauthor Graph and saw a comment that... 続きを読む >>

Line plots with fewer markers 2

Jiro's pick this week is line_fewer_markers by Massimo Ciacci."How can I set the intervals of markers in a plot?"This is a question that I've seen at various times, both in MATLAB Answers and in... 続きを読む >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 52