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Will's pick this week is nasa/T-MATS by Jeffryes.

Of the many courses you get to take as an aerospace engineer, a couple of my favorite were thermodynamics and propulsion. Propulsion is one of the trickier aspects of aerospace engineering; it's the leading cause of failures in launch vehicles. Because it's such a critical system, it makes modeling and simulation all the more valuable. The more you can work out the kinks of your design in a computer model, the fewer spectacular explosions.

Jeffrye's submission fills a crucial niche in the Simulink modeling environment by providing an aero-thermal library. This library is the real deal, the culmination of years of work by engineers at NASA's Glenn Research Center. It contains 66 different Simulink libraries by my count. These libraries can be combined to calculate fuel flow rate, pressure ratio, name it. It includes building blocks for nozzles, compressors, turbines, and burners. With T-MATS at your disposal, you can build your own high-fidelity propulsion simulation like the one shown below.

T-MATS example model

In keeping with the government's love of paperwork, the toolbox includes a 50 page manual. All the details you'd ever want about the components and their mathematical foundation are included within. I encourage anyone interested in this application space to read through it!

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