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Behind the Scenes at Academic Virtual Conference

MATLAB Academic Virtual Conference

You may have read my previous posts about the MathWorks Energy Virtual Conference. Did you wonder what happens behind the scenes? Doug Hull thought it would be cool to show you a peek behind the curtain, so I grabbed my camera-phone and found out. Here is what I saw about an hour ago, LIVE at the MathWorks Academic Virtual Conference.

Virtual Conference Command Center

Drew in the MathWorks Academic Virtual Conference Command Center

The first place I went was the virtual conference command center. There I found a white board covered with statistics from the conference and my colleague Drew monitoring the event. Drew has been up watching the virtual conference since it started at 11:45 PM EST last night!

Questions about the Conference

I found Todd in Naomi's office, asking a question about the virtual conference.

Chatting from his office

Rohit was busy interacting with conference goers from his office. He likes the dual monitor approach to computing.

Collaboration in the Idea Zone

Todd, Dan, Rohit, Sandeep and Abhishek were collaborating in the idea zone outside their offices. (I'll admit that I staged this picture because they were actually yelling across the hall to one another, but that doesn't make for good photojournalism.)

Tzuliang recovering from a long night

Tzuliang Loh has been in the office since early this morning for his 1 AM presentation about "Using Simulink in the Classroom to Enhance Engineering Education." He is done with his presentations for the day, but is still chatting and answering questions with conference goers.

Where is Jim?

I dropped in on Jim Tung, the keynote presenter for the conference, but he was not there. He has been up since the beginning of the conference to give his keynote and answer questions for Asia, Europe and now the America time zones. I believe he was taking a much-deserved break before his last presentation of the day that started at 11:30 AM EST. You can still see a recording of it if you login to the virtual conference now.

Now it's your turn

Are you attending the Academic Virtual Conference? Tell me about it with a comment here.

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