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News from Embedded World 2010

In case you haven't been to a MathWorks conference or trade show recently, here is a look at what you might find at the MathWorks booth. In the following video, featured on, my colleague Joachim Schlosser presents applications where Model-Based Design enables innovation while keeping development risk, time and cost low. Check out those cool demos!

News from Embedded World 2010

The quadrocopter demo is a collaboration between the Institute of Flight System Dynamics of the Technical University of Munich and Ascending Technologies.

Academic Virtual Conference

The MathWorks Academic Virtual Conference is May 11, 2010. The conference will bring together a collection of speakers on topics related to education and integrating technology in the classroom.

MathWorks Academic Virtual Conference

The motto at my alma mater, WPI, is Lehr und Kunst, German for Theory and Practice. That is what this conference is all about, how do you bridge the gap between theory and practice? How do educators prepare the next generation of engineers and scientists for the challenges ahead?

I hope to attend the following two sessions presented by my colleagues:
Tzuliang Loh, "Using Simulink in the Classroom to Enhance Engineering Education"
Shyam Yadati, "Discovering FPGA Advantages with MATLAB and Simulink"

Will you be there?

Now it’s you turn:

Were you at Embedded World 2010? Will you go to the Academic Virtual Conference? Leave a comment here and share your conference experiences.

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