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Unified Simulink Scopes in R2014b

In R2014b, the Simulink Scope, Floating Scope, and Signal Viewer have been unified in both features and graphical user interface. Here are some examples.


The Scope block now has a new scroll option to control the behavior when the duration of the simulation is longer than the Scope time range. The best way to describe that is to show it:

Scope Scrolling

Signal Viewer and Floating Scope Look and Feel

In R2014b, the Signal Viewer and Floating Scope interfaces are now identical to the Simulink Scope block. Whether you prefer having a block or not in the model, you can experience the same visualization:

Viewer New Look

This means that the Viewer line properties, axes and figure colors can now be customized. Here is an example of how I like to configure it:

Viewer customization

Signal Viewer supports multiple new features

For a few releases, the Signal Viewer and Floating Scope have lagged behind with many recent Simulink features. Not anymore! In R2014b, you will notice that the Signal Viewer and Floating Scope now offer features similar to the Scope block and support:

Now it's your turn

Do you prefer to use the Scope, Floating Scope, or Viewer? Why? Let us know by leaving a comment here.

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