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Logging Multiple Signals 1

Today I want to highlight a new entry in the Simulation menu in R2013b: Log/Unlog Selected Signals. If you have to log multiple signals, this will save you a lot of time. As its name implies,... 更多内容 >>

Why you should use the Function-Call Split block 6

Today I had a good discussion with a user regarding the Function-Call Split block introduced in R2010a. On one side, the user claimed that there was no need for a Function-Call Split block. For... 更多内容 >>

The Easiest Way to Import Signals Into Your Model 3

A benefit of Model-Based Design is using the same model to accomplish several tasks: tuning, testing, debugging, combining component models into larger system models, etc. Ideally, you should not... 更多内容 >>

Sum Block: Round or Rectangular? 7

Working in technical support, I see a lot of Simulink models from users. I have realized that many users do not know how to, or do not take the time to configure the ports of the Sum block. For... 更多内容 >>

Comparing Runs using Simulation Data Inspector 13

Do you use the Simulation Data Inspector? Here is an example where it saved me a lot of debugging time. Simulation Accuracy I recently had to validate system behavior and analyze numerical... 更多内容 >>

To Latch or not to Latch?

Yesterday I explained to a colleague the effect of the Inport block option Latch input for feedback signals of function-call subsystem outputs . I thought it would be interesting to share... 更多内容 >>

New for R2013a: Time Scope with Triggering! 6

Today we are happy to welcome guest blogger Kirthi Devleker to talk about a new trigger functionality added to the Time Scope in R2013a. Did you know that a Trigger functionality is now available... 更多内容 >>

Accessing Block Data During a Simulation 12

This week I discovered that event listeners also work with bus signals! You might be saying: "What is an event listener?" In this post, I will describe how to register an event listener for a bus... 更多内容 >>

Where is the Reverse Multi-port Switch Block? 2

I recently noticed requests for a block implementing a behavior that might be called "Reverse Multiport Switch". You can find a few request like that on MATLAB Answers here and here. In my... 更多内容 >>

An Ounce of Design Min/Max is Worth…

Often, it is worth putting a bit of extra effort at the beginning of a project to save time later. Today I want to introduce a feature that gets more useful with every release of Simulink, but... 更多内容 >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 55