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What’s New in R2023b?

With so many features and enhancements introduced each release, it's difficult to decide which ones to highlight on this blog. Here are a few of my favorites in R2023b.Variant NavigationIn R2023b, we... 更多内容 >>

Guy on Simulink Material on GitHub and MATLAB Online

Did you notice the recent blog post Open science and reusable research with MATLAB Online and GitHub by my colleague Mike Croucher on The MATLAB Blog?I decided to try adopting this new feature to... 更多内容 >>

Defining Model Interfaces Using Bus Element Ports 3

Today I want to talk about Bus Element Ports. More specifically, I will share examples illustrating how Bus Element Ports can simplify the process of specifying the properties of bus signals entering... 更多内容 >>

What’s New in Simulink R2023a?

Each new release, I am always excited to share my favorite new Simulink features. As Simulink and our modeling and simulation technologies continue to mature, I am noticing that my release highlights... 更多内容 >>

Finding what you need in the Simulink Toolstrip

Throughout the years, there have been features introduced in Simulink that initially looked like minor "nice to have", but turned out to be major game changers. In the last few releases of Simulink,... 更多内容 >>

Tips and Tricks when Dealing with Callbacks in Simulink 2

As you probably know, it is possible to define many types of callbacks in a Simulink model. Callbacks can be very useful to automatically execute MATLAB code in certain situations, for example when a... 更多内容 >>

Parameter Values in Blocks Dialogs 3

MATLAB R2022b was released a few weeks ago, so it's time to highlight a few new Simulink features. In this post, I decided to focus on one feature that might pass a little bit under the radar, but... 更多内容 >>

Time to convert from find_system to Simulink.findBlocks

If you are creating, editing or analyzing Simulink models programmatically, you are probably familiar with find_system.While there is nothing fundamentally wrong with find_system, in this post I want... 更多内容 >>

Specifying Variable Values Using Mathematical Expressions: Generated Code

Some time ago, I published a post where I described how to specify variable values using mathematical expressions using the slexpr function. This triggered a lot of questions about the impact on the... 更多内容 >>

What’s New in Simulink R2022a! 17

The newest version of MATLAB, R2022a, has just been released! Here I will share with you my favorite new Simulink features in MATLAB R2022a.Model Reference Local SolverFor as long as Simulink has... 更多内容 >>

Posts 1 - 10 of 170