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Editing an Existing Figure File in MATLAB 7

The best way to modify a MATLAB figure is to just modify the code that generated it. I prefer this because it is better to be able to regenerate a figure from code if you want to keep modifying it… 更多内容 >>

Selectively Changing an Image in MATLAB with Logical Indexing 1

A MATLAB user on MATLAB Answers wanted to know how to change all the pixels in an image that were below a certain threshold. The answer was correct, but very terse. I wanted to expand upon the… 更多内容 >>

MATLAB: In an assignment A(I) = B, the number of elements in B and I must be the same. 9

The very common MATLAB error: “In an assignment A(I) = B, the number of elements in B and I must be the same.” occurs when one side of an assignment has a dfferent dimension than the… 更多内容 >>

Rotate Axes Labels in MATLAB

The new release of MATLAB R2014b brings a new graphics engine. This allows for some new capabilities such as rotating tick labels and using dot notation in referencing graphics properties. These… 更多内容 >>

Using DBstack in MATLAB to get a stack trace

When you have timers and callbacks in your code, it can be difficult to find out when certain errors are occuring. Use DBstack to find the debug stack trace in MATLAB. This will allow you to find… 更多内容 >>

MATLAB r2014bGraphics has launched

We are very excited to announce that MATLAB r2014b introduces a new graphics system. Graphics developer, Mike Garrity, is launching a graphics specific blog. Here is the landing page for this… 更多内容 >>

Reading parameters from a file in MATLAB 1

In last week’s post, I showed how to generate code in MATLAB to automatically read in a file. In this video I show how to make a simple wrapper function around code generated in that way. … 更多内容 >>

Easy custom Excel import to MATLAB 2

I recently was asked how to import from Excel but only bring in a certain part of the file. You might want to do this if you have headers or just want a small part of the spreadsheet to come into… 更多内容 >>

Making a Multi-color Line in MATLAB 5

This video is a follow on to last week’s. Instead of making a line with different colored markers in MATLAB, we will be making a multi-color line in MATLAB. This is actually stretchig the… 更多内容 >>

Coloring a line based on height, gradient, or some other value in MATLAB 8

MATLAB Answers is a great resource for getting help from the MATLAB community. There was a recent question that inspired this video. I took the question to mean, how can I change the color of a… 更多内容 >>

Posts 1 - 10 of 30