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MATLAB Basics: GUIs without GUIDE 10

GUIDE is the standard way of creating GUIs in MATLAB, but sometimes it is better to make the GUI programmatically. This often happens when you want to easily create and destroy buttons and other… read more >>

Advanced MATLAB: ButtonDownFcn 1

This is the next in a series of advanced topics in MATLAB. My definition of “Advanced” is somewhat nebulous and arbitrary, so even newer users can give this a watch. Two and a half… read more >>

MATLAB Basics: Functions and subfunctions 7

This six and a half minute video shows a function being created in MATLAB, then it shows a subfunction being added. Functions are a way of adding to the MATLAB language. This video shows the creation… read more >>

Practical Example: Visualizing the density of a data cloud 3

I was working with a MATLAB user that had a large number of data points in the form of x,y,z triples. He was mostly interested in the density of these data points over the range of the data. At first… read more >>

Advanced MATLAB: Compiling a GUI 63

This video shows how to use DEPLOYTOOL to create a project and compile it so that it can be used outside of MATLAB, meaning you can give it to someone that does not own MATLAB and they can still run… read more >>

MATLAB Basics: Parsing code for better understanding 1

This six minute video shows you how to use the debugger and other tools to step through complicated code and understand what is really going on. By taking a complicated expression and breaking it… read more >>

Advanced MATLAB: Data acquisition in MATLAB 26

MATLAB is often used for post-test data analysis. You can get more value from your data acquisition session if you do the MATLAB analysis on the data as it is being collected. This can be done by… read more >>

MATLAB Basics: Scalar and Vector expansion

Two minute video explains scalar and vector expansion. This helps in situations where you are adding a scalar to a matrix and shows how to expand a vector for a similar effect. if… read more >>

Coaching call to debug GUI 1

This video is a departure from my other videos. This video captures a coaching call between Edgar and me as we debug a GUI that Edgar had created. This video was completely unscripted and has only… read more >>

Practical example: Setting transparency on a patch 2

First, be sure to check out the new home of LazyWeb. We had three of the challenges closed, but there are three still open. We are sending out MATLAB prize packages to all that solved a challenge,… read more >>

Posts 1 - 10 of 36