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Upgrading One of My Functions to Use an arguments Block and String Arrays 1

I’ve upgraded a function that I often use with some features introduced in recent releases of MATLAB. This includes an arguments block, and using strings instead of cell arrays of character… read more >>

Using a pattern Object To Match URL Strings

I need to determine which URL strings in a big array match a certain pattern. Here I will use the recently released pattern object and functions, and show how it can be simpler than using regular… read more >>

Intervening to Save a Program Stuck in a Loop

Here, one of my MATLAB programs appears stuck in a loop. I don’t want to quit it, as I will lose the work it has carried out so far. So I’m going to see if I can pause it and modify the… read more >>

Investigating an Error in My Check For References Web App

Debugging and fixing a problem in a MATLAB web app, poses some challenges that you don’t have when working in desktop MATLAB. Here is how I typically do it, using a failure in one of my… read more >>

Investigating Large Variables After Out of Memory Error

My code, which was running overnight, has stopped with a rare “out of memory” error. I intend to investigate to try and see if there are any easy fixes such as clearing unnecessary large… read more >>

Updating My Image Size Check Function to Ignore a Class of Images

I need to update my script which checks that all the images on our web site are smaller than a max allowed size. I want to update it to ignore a class of images, however I can only determine if an… read more >>

Fixing a Bug in My Blog Post Position Code

The script from my last blog post, which I had set to run daily, has errored-out today, so I need to try and understand why and fix it.
Features covered in this code-along style video include:

if,…

Determining My Last Post’s Position on the Blogs Index Page

Sometimes I forget to blog about what I have been doing for a few days, so I want to find a way to remind myself. The way I plan to try here is to determine what position my last post is on the blogs… read more >>

Debugging at Point of Error 1

One of my MATLAB scripts has failed and is currently stopped at the error point. By having turned on the “Pause on Errors” setting, I can see all the data in all the workspaces and hopefully use it… read more >>

Using parfor to Make Many Web Requests 2

My colleague asked me to access all the pages on a web server in order to populate it’s cache. I plan to use parfor to get through the more than 250k pages in a timely manner. I will also need… read more >>

Posts 1 - 10 of 16