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MATLAB r2014bGraphics has launched

Posted by Doug Hull,

We are very excited to announce that MATLAB r2014b introduces a new graphics system. Graphics developer, Mike Garrity, is launching a graphics specific blog. Here is the landing page for this release of MATLAB and for the new graphics system in general…. read more >>

Refactor code to rename variable with with MATLAB editor 2

Posted by Doug Hull,

As code matures, very often the nature of variables becomes better understood and the names of the variables need to change to reflect that better understanding. This short video shows how the MATLAB editor can quickly rename a variable throughout your code. if (typeof(playerLoaded) === ‘undefined’) {var playerLoaded = false;}(function… read more >>

Writing out your workspace variables as a script with Simulink.saveVars 4

Posted by Doug Hull,

I almost never use Simulink, so I never saw this function before (requires Simulink). Try this at the command line: a = 1; b = 2.5; c = ‘A string’; d = {a, b, c}; Simulink.saveVars(‘MyVars’); It produces a file like this: % ——————————————————————- % MATLAB file generated by Simulink.saveVars on 27-Sep-2010 13:52:16 % MATLAB version:… read more >>

MATLAB 2008B is now ready for download 8

Posted by Doug Hull,

We are always working on new releases of MATLAB, and we have the second release of 2008 ready for you to download here.
You can read about the new features here. The most noticeable of the features is the function hints. Just start typing your favorite function and MATLAB… read more >>