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Recovering Data from a Failed Function Using assignin 1

Here, my code has errored-out and paused in a function. I want to recover the data because the code had been running for a few hours. I’ve done this before by saving the data temporarily to a… read more >>

Updating a Static Method to Return the Latest File in a Folder

I want to update a static method in a class to return the latest file in a folder rather than a fixed filename.
Features covered in this code-along style video include:

static methods
dir, tables,…

Adding a Column to a Table in My Web App

Here I want to add a “Row Totals” column to a pivot table in the web app that I’m working on. I need to add my UI control and update my code to calculate the totals column and add… read more >>

Converting a Script to a Function Example

Here is an typical example of converting a script to a function. In this case, as well using the code analyzer to specify the function name, I need to define input arguments and manage a sub… read more >>

Developing a Simple Mechanism to Log Metric Values

A few years time ago I developed a mechanism and MATLAB function to track values over time I was interested in monitoring. However, I found that storing the data in MAT files made it inconvenient to… read more >>

Pause on Error with MATLAB App Designer

Here is a video I recorded not long after 22a was released, but I haven’t posted it yet. It shows an example of using “Pause on Error” with MATLAB App Designer, which is a very… read more >>

Using a parfor Loop to Store the HTML of Many Web Pages

Previously, I used a parfor loop to make a bunch of web requests. Here I want to use a parfor loop to download the HTML for a large number of pages on our website, then store the content in a string… read more >>

Updating an App UI Control To Change The Item List

I need to update a drop-down UI control in my app so that the items in the list are no longer truncated. I will need to edit my code that populates it, run my tests and re-commit.
Features covered in…

Investigating a Failed Unit Test for My App

After I added a new UI control to my web app, in a live stream recently, I ran my full set of unit tests and one failed. So I need to investigate why and address.
Features covered in this code-along…

Pausing and Manually Modifying The Data in a Long Running Script

Here I want to change the behavior of a long running script, by pausing it and manually changing the value of one of the variables. This lets the program continue to run, but in a different way, and… read more >>

Posts 1 - 10 of 19