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Cleaner code in MATLAB part one of series 12

I am guilty of making some pretty horrible code from time to time, especially when I think no one else is looking. I wanted to take the next few videos to show how you can go from code that is hard… read more >>

Automatically generated reports from MATLAB 16

This week’s video is covering a relatively new feature of the editor: cell mode. Specifically, I am demonstrating the publication of reports from your code. If you ever need to create… read more >>

Linked zoom and constrained zoom in MATLAB 9

Have you ever wanted to zoom in on one axes and have another axes zoom in at the same time? Have you ever wanted to zoom in only on the x-axis but not the y-axis? If so, please watch this minute… read more >>

Speed your code with Distributed Computing

I am frequently asked how to speed up code that was written in MATLAB. We have already covered using the profiler in a video a few weeks ago, so now we turn to throwing more computer power at the… read more >>

From the inbox: how to change properties in GUIDE from a button press 11

These GUIDE tutorials (Intro, Advanced) have been very popular since I posted them. Recently, someone asked me a question that I did not answer in the videos. They wanted to know how to change… read more >>

More mini videos: Handle graphics and Shortcuts 16

People have really enjoyed the videos that I have been posting here, so I have made a few more. I am trying to figure out if this is a good way of learning MATLAB. I would also like to know how to… read more >>