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Results for: 2012

Dynamically created colormaps

Posted by Doug Hull,

In the last video we interactively changed the colormap so that there was a clear break between negative, positive and NaN values. In this video, we change the range of data, so the colormap needs to change also. Some simple code is reviewed that accomplishes this. if (typeof(playerLoaded) ===… read more >>

Modifying a colormap interactively

Posted by Doug Hull,

I was doing a visualization and needed to change to a custom colormap to get a better understanding of the data. This video shows how to interactively modify a colormap such that NaN values take on one color, and there is a sharp division of color between negative and… read more >>

Using keyboard shortcuts 1

Posted by Doug Hull,

I like it when I find new productivity tips in the MATLAB environment. The new MATLAB Toolstrip shows keyboard shortcuts for all toolstrip items when you press the Alt-key, which reminded me that we introduced customizable keyboard shortcuts a few years ago. This video shows how you can… read more >>

Final MATLAB programming contest 2

Posted by Doug Hull,

I have been involved with the MATLAB programming contest in a meaningful way since about 2005, seven years later we are doing the final one, Knots. I hope you have enjoyed playing these as much as we have enjoyed designing them. I remember reading Games Magazine as… read more >>

Simple test scripts in MATLAB

Posted by Doug Hull,

Testing your code is important to make sure that it works correctly and continues to work correctly as you modify it. The more long lived the code, the more important testing becomes. I have found that I often want something very small and lightweight for testing fairly small… read more >>

Importing data into MATLAB 1

Posted by Doug Hull,

With the new release of MATLAB, I was all excited to make a video about the tools for importing data into MATLAB. Then I realized that Sarah made an even better one. There are quite a few in this series…. read more >>