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Catch errors early with simple visualizations

The sooner you find an error, the less expensive it is to find and fix. In MATLAB it is really easy to do quick visualizations of your data. When it is this easy, you should be doing these little… read more >>

Using one callback function for multiple UI objects in GUIDE 1

By default, GUIDE creates one callback function for every object in a UI. Sometimes, you want to have one callback function serve multiple objects. This video shows one way to do this, by manually… read more >>

MATLAB: Manipulating the data in a UItable in GUIDE 14

If you have a UItable in a UI made in GUIDE, you might want to change that data in a callback. For instance, you might want to change the values or increase the size of the dataset. This short… read more >>

Knowing when to optimize your graphics in MATLAB

The MATLAB user’s question in this video was about optimizing their graphics in MATLAB. They were worried that the architecture they were choosing would be too slow. One test is worth a… read more >>

Interactively editing a colormap in MATLAB 1

I recently wanted a colormap that was distinctive. I wanted the zero values to be one color while the negative and positive values were different shades. This video shows how to do this… read more >>

Custom interactive graphics in MATLAB 3

Knowing how to use callbacks in MATLAB allows you to customize your graphics and make them more interactive. This short video shows you how to highlight a line in MATLAB by clicking on it. if… read more >>

When only small speed improvements are possible in MATLAB 2

The profiler is very important when you want to speed up your code. It is nearly impossible to know where the bottleneck will be in your code until it is written and tested. Often times there are… read more >>

Using Cody for algorithm development 1

Do you need to develop an algorithm in MATLAB? Do you have tests in MATLAB that would tell you if the algorithm were working correctly? If you do, you might not need to actually write the MATLAB… read more >>

Monte carlo testing of the Luhn checksum in MATLAB

This video builds on the last one. A quick monte carlo test is built to see if the Luhn Algorithm really will detect transpositions. The testing indicates that only one pair of numbers transposing… read more >>

Luhn checksum implemented in MATLAB

The Luhn algorithm is a fast checksum that allows you to know if an entered series of numbers has any of the repeated digits or transpositions that are common when typing numbers in. By having a… read more >>

Posts 1 - 10 of 34