MATLAB Tutorial, processing an Excel file in MATLAB 9

Posted by Doug Hull,

It is very common to read through all the values in an Excel spreadsheet to process them in MATLAB. Here is a simple example of importing Excel in MATLAB and looping through the values.

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vallisha replied on : 1 of 9

Hello Sir,

Suppose I have the pixel value, how to find the corresponding pixel position in image ?

Ex: If the pixel value is 160, i want to get the positions of the pixels in the image for which the value is 160.

Chen replied on : 4 of 9


I can write cells to Excel if numbers are specifid.
I can write simple matrices to excel.

But, is it possible to write something like this to excel:

a=[1 2; 3 4 ; 5 6]
d={‘Temp’, Time; a}
xlswrite(‘ExcelNmae’, d);



Mohammed Qahwaji replied on : 6 of 9

If I have an excel sheet that have only numbers on it. And I want to find how much some values repeated.( like how many times there is number 6 in the excel sheet?) how can I find these values by matlab?

First I would import into MATLAB with XLSREAD. Once you have a matrix in, like

a = [11 22 33 22 22]

nnz(a == 22)

will do what you want for 22.

Abby replied on : 8 of 9

How can you find the total amount of the column from the excel spreadsheet, by using a formula in Matlab?

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